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What others are saying about us:

"We truly love the car, its better than we ever hoped it would be! 37 Ford coast to coast car" --Ken and Linda


"The car is absolutely perfect...its exactly what I wanted it to be! 1932 Ford Roadster" --Wavy


"I love the work you did on my 32(door and trunk fit and function, body work and prime) you really turned the 32 into a great car" --Jim


"We drove the 32 all afternoon and it is everything you said it was, we are very pleased, thanks." --Richard, Virginia Beach, Virginia


"As a very particular customer, I had reservations buying my '32 Roadster sight unseen. When the car was delivered, it exceeded my expectations.  The fit and finish of the car are outstanding."  --Tim, 32 Roadster


"When it comes time to have another car built for me, Southtown will be my first phone call."  ----Tim, 32 Roadster


"Thanks for the great job you did on the body work on my Model A, I never dreamed it     would look that good!"  --Mark, Model A


"I have to tell you how impressed I am with the paint prep on the 32 Ford you did, especially the right rear quarter, it came out great!"  --Jim, Professional Body Shop Paint Technician


"You do a nice job on everything, you don't find many people anymore that have all the skills to complete a car."  --Randy, Metalworker and Street Rod Builder


"My head was swimming around that Sunday with all I was seeing.  The 32 is SO impressive, and you did such a SUPER job with it."  --Bill, 32 Roadster


"I have shown the 32 to a lot of my friends and they all love it and ALWAYS talk about the great paint job."  --Bill, 32 Roadster



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Last modified: 4/11/2010